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Courage Awards

Combating depression and anxiety requires hope. Academic achievement is correlated with a lower rate of suicide. Supporting the goals and aspirations of young adults by offering the hope of higher learning through financial assistance will realize the vision of the Foundation.


Bria left us much evidence of her thoughts and life principles. That's even her handwriting in the logo below!  She taught us that “Courage is always #1” and therefore, that is our theme for college scholarship applications in Bria's primary areas of interest. 


Each applicant is asked to describe a situation that required courage related to the award they seek. They must explain what action they took and the result.  We strive to foster awareness of inner strength and inspire our young people to be purposeful and brave.


We award scholarships in five areas:







Bria's classmates receive the first annual Courage Awards consisting of $8,500 in college scholarships.

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