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Why We Exist

Bria was a talented and vibrant teenager that lost her life to asthma in 2015.  After reading her journals and observing her friends coping with grief, Bria’s
Mom came to understand the challenges of traversing adolescence in the selfie generation.  Concerned about the alarming increase in teen depression, anxiety, and self-harm, this foundation was partly established to reverse the trend. 


By promoting the passions of Bria’s life including kindness, music, academics, sports, and drama, we will transform loss into love of self and community to improve the mental wellness of our young people.

Additionally, we will combat the disease that brought anxiety to our beautiful Bria’s life and ultimately took her from us. We will educate young people to manage this chronic illness, so they can live confident and active lives despite their asthma.

About the Directors

Darlene Brown, CPA

Mother of Bria. Credit Union Consultant. Former Vice-Present of Risk Management with Elevations Credit Union.  Former CFO of St. Vrain Valley Credit Union.  25 years in executive management.


Brian Brown

Father of Bria. Media production company owner.  Former architect.  Former Longmont Main Street business owner.  25 years of entrepreneurship.


Eva Gaudio

Board Member with the I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County.  Former Chairman and member of several non-profit boards.  Former CEO of St. Vrain Valley Credit Union.  35 years in leadership and not-for-profit.


Rebecca Pepin

Family Law attorney with Jorgensen, Brownell, and Pepin.  Arbitrator and mediator.  Colorado Schools advocate for students.  Former Chairman and member of several non-profit boards. 25 years in law and advocacy services.


Julia McMillian

Classmate and close friend of Bria with asthma offering unique experiences and perspectives, advising on teenagers’ lives, needs and fears and how to reach them.

Foundation Information

Chartered in the State of Colorado

IRS Designation 501(c)(3)

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